• Evidence Law Update: Join Us for Lunch with the Judges


    For the second year I am honored to moderate the Evidence Law Update Lunch and Seminar with 3 Palm Beach County judges on March 28, 2017 at the PB County Courthouse. I have prepared an outline for all attendees with important case citations on evidentiary issues.  Florida Bar CLE credit pending for civil, criminal, and […]

  • Hit and Run Drivers Who Kill Will Face New Stiffer Penalties


    As of July 1, 2014, any driver who leaves the scene of a fatal wreck in Florida will face at least4 years in prison. The law increasing penalties for hit and run convictions ends what officials said was a gap in state law that gave drunken drivers an incentive to flee accident scenes. The old […]

  • Teens and Cars: Something To Be Concerned About


    (excerpted from Safe Kids Worldwide www.safekids.org) What if there was a disease that claimed the lives of 2,400 teens each year? A disease that was the leading killer of teenagers, that didn’t distinguish between income or race, and could devastate any family? What if that disease could be prevented through available, inexpensive behavior changes? Unfortunately […]

  • Types of Auto Insurance Coverages


    There are several different types of insurance coverages within a single automobile insurance policy. It is essential that you understand the coverages you have selected in your particular insurance policy before you actually need it. Many people do not understand their insurance policy coverages until after they have been in an  automobile accident.  Unfortunately, it […]

  • Report: Car, truck crashes cost $871 billion in one year


    The Associated Press has reported that the economic and societal harm from motor vehicle crashes amounted to a whopping $871 billion in a single year, according to a study recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The study examined the economic toll of car and truck crashes in 2010, when 32,999 people were […]

  • After your injury, be very careful what you post online about yourself!


    If the person or business that caused your injuries has insurance, then an insurance company representative will be assigned to handle your claim for injuries. If the claim cannot be resolved by the insurance company representative, then it may be necessary to file a lawsuit to get you the justice you deserve. With the advent […]